I do a lot of independent study of technical courses, and my favorite tool for note-taking is the Concepts App paired with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. The combination of an infinite canvas as well as a collection of graphic-design-inspired tools for annotating/sketching/editing is unparalleled, and lets you get an entire set of course notes, problem set solutions, and more, into a single document that’s easy to explore.

When I’ve shown my notes to others in the past, they’ve often told me I should find a way to share them.

Well, now I’ve found a way.

These are my course notes from self-studying of Kalman and Bayesian Filters in Python, the same course I recommend in my project piece How do you learn (Extended) Kalman Filters?.

Fallback: this browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it.

Download my course notes as a PDF.