Beautiful Language


From a Hacker News discussion about org-mode in emacs. Reproduced here for ease of use. Emphasis mine.

“There’s a scientific term “umwelt” that biologists use to describe the world as experienced by a particular organism. Every one of us has this “umwelt” - our “subjective view of the world.” Our umwelt is limited by our physical and mental capabilities, past experiences, and social circles we grow up and live. e.g., your subjective understanding of Renaissance Art would drastically differ from when you’re taken to a museum at the age of three, and when you go there as an adult, or after studying art for fifteen years.”

“Learning and understanding Lisp expands your umwelt. You will start seeing things differently. It doesn’t inevitably make you a better programmer; it might, but doesn’t guarantee it, just like suddenly gaining the ability to see things in the infrared spectrum [is] not guaranteed to make your life better.”

@iLemming on Hacker News.


From this post on Slate Star Codex:

“Huge chunks of our hopes and dreams are the godshatter of misfired-evolutionary processes.”

As roughly as I can manage:

godshatter; noun - Components or attributes of something which originally derived from some higher power, process, or purpose, and have now taken on independent meaning, existence, or purpose—usually more specific and less general than that of the originating higher power, process, or purpose.

Flowers are the godshatter of nature’s abhorrence for high energy gradients.


From @craig_montuori, from one of the historical biographies he once told me about.

“He was looking aces.”

aces; adjective - Superlative signifying excellence, best quality, without peer.